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You can probably tell from the name, but this website is all about finding the best that the great state of Texas has to offer.

Whether you’re a lifelong Texan, a new transplant, or even just visiting for the weekend, our goal is to make the Internet’s most authentic Texas travel guide.


We’re a bunch of proud Texans (born and raised!) who got frustrated with boring, generic articles about our one-of-a-kind state. So, we decided to put our heads together to share our local tips about all the best food, restaurants, breweries, parks, events, and things to do all across the state.

From the “must-see” tourist destinations to hidden gems off dusty Texas backroads, we’re leaving no piece of gravel unturned.

All our writers are proud Texans who love the Lone Star State. We can’t wait to show you why!

Meet the Team:



RoamingTexas.com Founder

Sean was born and raised in Dallas, TX, where he fell in love with Texas’ biggest metro area. After graduating high school, he attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, which introduced him to a whole different side of the state.

The wide open plains of the Texas Panhandle were unlike anything in Dallas, but he had a blast getting to know such a unique region. Along the way, Sean explored all over West Texas, from Amarillo’s famous 72-ounce steak to the oil fields of Midland/Odessa.

Now in his early 30s, he’s since traveled all over the state, and even gotten insider info from multiple visits with his large extended family, who call Austin, Houston, and numerous other Texas towns their home.

He also found it odd to write that whole bio in third person, but here we are.

Important icebreakers:

  • Favorite Texas town? Dallas will always be home to me!
  • Favorite Texas tradition? You can’t beat the Texas State Fair!
  • Favorite Texas memory? My longest ever Texas road trip – where I spent a full month exploring all over Hill Country, the coastline, and the Texas/Mexico border.


Contributor (San Antonio)

Although she was born in Georgia, Kenzi’s military family finally planted roots near Dallas, TX in 2000. Although she still roots for the Dallas Cowboys, Kenzi migrated south for milder winters and better Tex-Mex.

In 2010, she moved to San Antonio to study at Trinity University. From the breakfast tacos to the craziness of Fiesta, Kenzi quickly fell in love with the charm of the Alamo City.

She still frequently braves I-35 to visit family in North Texas, enjoying stops in Waco, West (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a klobasnek), and her old stomping grounds in Dallas.

When she isn’t stuck in traffic on I-35, you can find Kenzi enjoying an ice-cold Dr. Pepper while she bakes, gardens, and crafts.

Important icebreakers:

  • Favorite Texas town? Marble Falls. Sometimes I’ll take the scenic route on the way to visit family, and I always stop to admire the waterfront views.
  • Favorite Texas tradition? Homecoming mums in high school. Apparently, this is considered weird everywhere else, but I always made the BIGGEST mums (complete with lights and music) during homecoming season.
  • Favorite Texas critter? I’m a huge animal lover! I actually used to foster Texas wildlife, like possums, but you can’t beat the quirkiness of the Texas armadillo.