The 12 Best Places to Eat in Amarillo (According to a Texan)

best places to eat in amarillo tx

Whether you’re just driving through or you’re a long-time Amarillo local, everybody’s gotta eat! That’s why today, I’m sharing all my favorite restaurants in Amarillo. If you’re looking for legendary BBQ, high-quality pizza, a solid wine bar, or even some seriously underrated Thai or Indian food, Amarillo can deliver! Check out my 12 best places … Read more

Best Pizza in Amarillo: A Local’s Guide to the Top 9 Parlors

best pizza in amarillo

Like a lot of Amarillo’s food scene, our humble town’s selection of awesome pizzas usually surprises people. From classic styles to unique, chef-crafted options, there’s no shortage of delicious pizza restaurants in Amarillo. Which is why I thought it’d be useful to give you the complete local’s breakdown to all the best pizza spots in … Read more

Best Steakhouse in Amarillo: The 9 Top Spots (According to a Local)

best steakhouses amarillo tx

For most people, West Texas is known as as the land of oil, gas, cotton, and… livestock. So whether you’re a long-time Amarillo local or just passing through our humble West Texas town, it makes sense to grab yourself a delicious steak. When in Rome, right? Today, we’re sharing all the best steakhouses (and other … Read more

A Guide to Dolphin Tours in Corpus Christi (Can you really swim with dolphins?)

dolphin tour guide swimming with dolphins corpus christi

Here’s a fun and unique way to complete your visit to the Gulf City of Corpus Christi – a Dolphin Tour. The Gulf of Mexico is home nine different species of dolphins, with the most common dolphin in Corpus Christi being the bottlenose dolphin. So, why not take a tour to see these amazing animals … Read more

The 5 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Corpus Christi (According to a Local)

best chinese food corpus christi

When you think of dining in Corpus Christi, you probably think of seafood. But, did you know Corpus Christi is home to some of the most delicious and authentic Chinese food in South Texas? Calk it up to fresh ingredients or the local fish market, but either way, the Chinese food in our bayside town … Read more