The 6 Best Antique Shops in Waco

best antique shops in waco tx

Antique stores have been a passion of mine for over a decade, and I pride myself on being somewhat of a connoisseur, especially in Waco, TX.

One of my favorite pastimes on a sunny Saturday morning is to walk into an antique shop with the promise of always finding something new, discovering a blast from the past, or getting the thrill of a great deal.

If you find yourself treasure hunting as much as I do, then read on for this local’s guide to Waco’s best antique stores.

(As an added bonus, the first four shops listed are all located right off the same street, creating the perfect loop for all day shopping!)

Map of the Best Antique Shops in Waco

1. Riverside Relics

This store reminds me of a mom and pop shop, with its small town feel as you walk in the doors. The owners welcome you as a friend and never fail to greet you with a smile. The air smells like old wood and candles, and the shop is filled with lots of older vintage furniture pieces and knickknacks.

For someone who collects older and more historical pieces, this shop is for you! Some of my favorite pieces I’ve found here are license plates, a hanging mirror, and a set of very old keys. I even remember finding a huge vintage stop light in the back, which lit up my entire face!

If you’re stopping through La Salle and are interested in vintage items and seeing a friendly face, stop on by!

  • Location: 1105 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX 76706
  • Website: N/A

2. Junque in the Trunk

This store initially caught my eye with an adorable 50s Chevy truck parked outside the front. And when I stepped inside, farmhouse chic vibes were everywhere!

With mainly farmhouse style furniture and decor with a hint of sophisticated rustic, Junque in the Trunk carries an abundance of lovely pieces to complete any southern home.

That said, $5 records are one of my favorites steals here, and my record collection has grown exponentially because of this shop.

Despite the smaller venue, there is so much to look at and the mercantile feel adds to its charm.

3. Junky Monkey

I always visit this shop when I need a fun time and an amazing deal.

Junky Monkey  is broken up into three sections:

  • the inside shop with a small boutique, including clothes and jewelry
  • the outside shop with rustic decor and collectables
  • and the backyard, where there’s a little bit of everything from window frames to bird baths.

When I visit, usually some unique vintage wall decor calls my name, along with a pair of funky earrings.

Plus, they always have great pricing, so I normally leave with a pile of odds and ends. As a bonus, the bopping music playing throughout the place makes me feel like I am having my own personal shopping trip, and I always enjoy a bubbly conversation with the owners before I head out.

4. LaSalle Shoppes

This shop is one of my all-time favorites in Waco. From the street side, you don’t really recognize how large this place is until you step inside and start exploring. I’ve easily spent three hours strolling around, and there is still plenty to see. Every time I think I have reached the end of the store, it just keeps going!

Many different vendors independently sell their collections, so each corner of the store has its own unique style and theme. One section may be dedicated to movie and music posters while another may be decorated with old Victorian style furniture and glassware.

This shop has everything, from clothes and furniture to knickknacks and glassware.

The owners are also friendly, and I love getting to hear more about their newest additions. All in all, I choose this location whenever I am in the mood for a relaxing stroll and want to see a little bit of everything.

5. Cameron Trading Post

Located in downtown Waco, this shop is a hidden gem. Its great location makes it an easy stop for a traveler wanting to see the best of downtown.

Similar to La Salle Shops, this store has a different theme for each section, and there is so much to explore. Compared to other stores, Cameron Trading Post includes more trinkets and collectibles, so it’s my favorite spot to find something out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I am specifically looking for glassware or ceramics, and this is the place to go. They also have some sections lined with  whole cabinets full of odds and ends, from pocket watches and binoculars to champagne glasses and teapots. I never know exactly what I will find, which always keeps me coming back for more.

6. Hidden Treasures

This antique store is a bit farther from the main collection of antique shops off La Salle Avenue, but is still a great place to find some deals and see another area of Waco.

Hidden Treasures seems more focuses more on promoting clothes and household items on discount, but I have certainly come across some other fascinating finds, including old cassettes, records and even a glass tea set.

This store is a mix an antique store and thrift shop, which means it offers both style and savings. An additional plus of shopping here is that this store uses its profits to help the surrounding Waco community. What better way to give back to a community than shopping for antiques!