Best Beaches in Corpus Christi, A Local’s Guide

best beaches in corpus christi

Looking for Corpus Christi’s sandiest beaches? How about the best party beach in Corpus Christi? This list is a local’s guide to the best beaches in Corpus Christi!

With everything from the esteemed North Beach all the way to Mustang Beach, we have somewhere for every beachgoer!

Map of the Best Beaches in Corpus Christi

Least crowded beach: North Beach

North Beach is located right near the famous USS Lexington. But despite its proximity to the famous WWII aircraft carrier, surprisingly it’s one of the least crowded beaches in Corpus Christi!

Its emptiness is all because of its size and location. Many people assume North Beach is not worth visiting, but it totally is!

Benefits to visiting North Beach

The view of the USS Lexington makes swimming at North Beach thrilling and memorable. Let’s be honest, how many people can say they’ve been swimming so close to a World War II aircraft carrier?

North Beach is also packed with ample wildlife and marine life which makes it a wonderful place for animal lovers and birdwatchers. Morning walkers rave about spotting rare bird species around the mile-and-a-half, paved path along the beach.

Other things to know when visiting North Beach

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to visiting North Beach. Because of its location, you are not isolated and will still experience the noise pollution of the city, which can take away from your relaxing experience a bit.

And while we always enjoy the less crowded atmosphere, this can sometimes take away from the social aspect of beach trips. If you are going to the beach looking for a party then North Beach is probably not the best beach for you. (This is especially true if you are interested in having a bonfire, using a BBQ grill, or driving on the beach since none of these things are permitted on North Beach!)

Best family beach: McGee Beach

Are you looking for a sandy beach where you can enjoy a nice day with the family? McGee Beach is the perfect place for you!

This short stretch of beach is right next to McGee Park and has a well-supervised, controlled atmosphere that welcomes all with open arms!

Benefits to visiting McGee Beach

There are many benefits to visiting McGee Beach, with the most obvious being how family friendly this seashell covered beach is! The sandy shores are perfect for making sandcastles, so it’s an ideal place for any family looking to have a day full of fun in the sun and meet other families on vacation!

McGee Beach is located right near McGee Park which often hosts holiday events. It’s also located near the seasonal summer carnival, giving you a front row seat for watching the festivities or the perfect post-swimming activity. Nothing beats some carnival cotton candy!

Other things to know when visiting McGee Beach

McGee Beach definitely becomes crowded during summertime! That means you might be lying next to strangers while you sunbathe and swimming elbow to elbow in the water. Sometimes this can be tiring but other times it means making new friends!

The best 24-hour Beach: Mustang Beach

Located right across the bridge, the beautiful and exciting Mustang Beach is fun for all. Even better, it is open 24-hours a day! Whether you want to fish at sunrise or have a bonfire in the night, Mustang Beach is the perfect host for every occasion.

Benefits to visiting Mustang Beach

Fishing, swimming, grilling, and even camping, this beach has something for everyone to enjoy. The sand is great for building sandcastles and sturdy enough that it will not be blowing all over the place!

Mustang Beach is great if you are looking for a day in the sun,  but as the best 24-hour beach, it’s also perfect for partying under the stars! Go to Mustang beach if you are looking for a late-night bash or bonfires!

Other things to know when visiting Mustang Beach

Although Mustang Beach is family-friendly, it can be somewhat of a party beach, especially during spring break or at the beginning of summer. Strategically picking where you set up camp and who you befriend on the beach is wise because of the way they might behave!

The most accessible Beach: North Padre Sea Wall

The sea wall is an excellent place to be whether you are visiting for the day or there for your whole stay! It is the most accessible beach in Corpus Christi and is the best beach for collecting seashells!

Benefits to visiting North Padre Sea Wall

As the name implies, North Padre Sea Wall is the most accessible beach for visitors staying on the sea wall. They can just walk out of their hotel’s back door, across the sea wall, and directly into the water!

Even if you’re not staying on the sea wall, you have it just as easy. That’s because the North Padre Sea Wall has parking within walking distance of the sand! So, no need to fret if you are not staying in a nearby hotel room.

The best part of all? The North Padre Sea Wall is open 24/7 so you can explore the shores day or night! They also have year-round sports equipment vendors to help you make the most of your vacationing experience!

Other things to know when visiting North Padre Sea Wall

Unfortunately, there are no public restrooms with running water at Padre Island Sea Wall. (The only restrooms are the portable restrooms at the entrance.) Definitely something to prepare for!