A Local Guide to the Best Buffets in San Antonio

best buffet san antonio

Sometimes, you just wanna stuff your face.

When that hunger hits, is there anything better than a buffet?

Sure, the world of buffets not be the most refined in the San Antonio food scene, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to chowing down at these sinfully delicious locations.

So behold, our local guide to all the best buffets in San Antonio.

Map of the Best Buffets in San Antonio

Chinese Buffets

Asian Star Buffet

Want to score some all you can eat sushi? It isn’t a wild fever dream: since 2015, Asian Star has served up all you can eat sushi, seafood, and Chinese goodies at their buffet. While other buffets aren’t very generous with their primo food, you get a lot for the money at Asian Star.

They make 20 kinds of sushi every day, although the menu changes depending on what fish is in season. Asian Star also has a big buffet full to the brim with delicacies like snow crab legs (Friday – Sunday only), coconut shrimp, squid, and even frog’s legs. And if you’re just there for the Chinese food, my husband says the Garlic Shrimp is heaven on earth.

Asian Star Buffet consistently wins the Reader’s Choice Award as the Best Buffet in San Antonio. And with buffet prices ranging from $11 – $14, it’s a darn good deal, too.

Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant

Want to sip on some hand-crafted drinks while you chow down on some lo mein? Chopsticks has a full bar complete with margaritas, beer, wine, and cocktails like The Dirty Banana. Chopsticks is a nicer buffet and you can’t beat their presentation. Since most buffets look a little… lackluster, the presentation at Chopsticks is as beautiful as it is appetizing.

Like Asian Star, they have all you can eat sushi by the plateful. They even have some crazy deep-fried rolls that have the perfect crunch. I always make two trips to sample the huge dessert selection, but Chopsticks also has Chinese-inspired mainstays like rangoons, fried rice, and beef and broccoli.

Lin’s International Buffet

Okay, it sounds like an oxymoron, but Lin’s International Buffet is one of the more high-end buffets in San Antonio. They’re known for their huge selection of seafood, which includes crab, crispy fish on the grill, prawns, and even oysters. If fish isn’t your thing, you’ve still got to try Lin’s selection of steamed bao buns, which are my personal favorite.

Pricing varies here, but you can expect to pay $12 for lunch and $14 – $16 for dinner. Lin’s also offers their buffet to go, priced at $6.30 per pound, although it doesn’t include higher-end foods like steak, sushi, or seafood.

  • Address 1: 7915 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78254
  • Address 2: 7863 Interstate 35 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX 78224
  • Website: Lin’s International Buffet

American Buffets

Cici’s Pizza

Look, I know Cici’s is a big chain buffet, but darn it, they’re my favorite. There are too many Cici’s locations across San Antonio to count, but this one located off of Bandera is one of the cleaner (and higher-rated) locations I’ve visited.

For $7, you get an all you can eat pizza buffet extravaganza (it costs $5 for kids). I’ve eaten my weight in Cici’s cinnamon dessert buns, but their pizza is surprisingly good, too. I always go for the Alfredo Pizza while my husband makes a beeline for the Taco Pizza. They also have salad, flatbreads, wings, pasta, and dessert.

By the way, this Cici’s has a badass game room. I like to give our nieces and nephews a handful of quarters so they can try their luck at the claw machines. It also buys me a few minutes of peace while I go back to the buffet for seconds.


I didn’t know this, but apparently, Luby’s originated in San Antonio in 1947. Today it’s a national buffet restaurant, but people here in SA go CRAZY for Luby’s. Like, there’s a miniature cult of Luby’s here. Some of my old college buddies love meeting up and ordering the LuAnn Platter, which usually comes with fried fish and two sides, but you can make it your own.

As a kid, I remember loving Luby’s because I was allowed to order whatever I wanted! It’s also a little more hygienic than other buffets because the employees assist you most of the time, so that’s a big plus, too.

By the way, Luby’s mac and cheese is the BEST. No matter what you order here, make sure you get a small cup of mac for the full Luby’s buffet experience.

  • Address: Multiple San Antonio Locations
  • Website: Luby’s

Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery

Hacienda Vallarta might be a Mexican restaurant, but it serves up some darn good American food. This all you can eat buffet serves a mashup of some of my favorite Mexican and American entrees. I mean, where else can you get barbecue chicken, enchiladas, mac ‘n’ cheese, tortillas, ribs, fried shrimp, and tamales under one roof?

Hacienda Vallarta also serves a great Mexican-American breakfast buffet, complete with chilaquiles, OJ, huevos rancheros, hashbrowns, and biscuits. Keep in mind that Hacienda Vallarta is also a bakery, so don’t you dare go home without trying their brownies or cupcakes.

Indian Buffets

India Palace

My relationship with India Palace didn’t start on the right foot. I actually dumped an ex-boyfriend the first time I ate here (oops). Fortunately, I’ve since had much more pleasant trips to this all you can eat Indian buffet. It’s a no-frills kind of place and the buffet is small, but it’s clean and the staff are friendly.

If I could, I would eat their samosas by the poundful. They’re perfectly crunchy, filled to perfection, and just so darn tasty. The naan bread is fluffy and hot, and it’s the perfect vessel for soaking up broth or sauces.

P.S. Since it’s an Indian restaurant, there are plenty of vegetarian options here if you’re eating with plant-based friends.

  • Address: 8474 Fredericksburg Rd #100, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Website: India Palace

India Oven

India Oven definitely has more of an ambiance than India Palace, so it’s a good stop for a date or dinner. Keep in mind that India Oven only offers the buffet during lunch hours, though, so clear your schedule to come here during your lunch break.

Get a steaming hot plate of chicken biryani on a bed of perfectly cooked rice or—if you have no self control like me—fill up on samosas or tandoori chicken wings.

And if you can’t get enough of their naan, India Oven actually shares their not-very-secret recipe on their website.

  • Address: 1031 Patricia #106, San Antonio, TX 78213
  • Website: India Oven