The 8 Best Comedy Clubs in Austin (Ranked by a Comedian)

best comedy clubs austin tx

Well twist my toes and slap me with a sloppy joe, it’s time to talk comedy clubs in Austin.

Over the last couple of years, an influx of battered souls like myself have filtered in from around the country to pursue the art of laughter. The hope of striking it big has created one of the most dynamic comedy scenes in the world, and it’s only growing from here.

So, where can you catch some of these hooligans on stage? Well by the sweet skin of a tiny little potato, I’d be jolly to tell ya!

Here’s this comedian’s list of the best comedy clubs in Austin, TX.

Map of the Best Comedy Clubs in Austin

My Personal Favorite: The Creek and the Cave

The what? Ah, yes. The Creek and the Cave. Of course. No, it’s not a trailhead at Yellowstone, it’s a comedy club.

When it comes to comedy in its purest form, you can’t beat the Creek and the Cave. Low ceilings, a dark room, a bar in the back, the perfect stage, and… a bear? Why is there a bear on stage? Nobody really knows, but somebody will probably mention it.

The Creek (as the comedians call it) runs shows seven days a week and provides comics with a plethora of opportunities to work out their material, whether it’s at an open mic, a showcase, or a weekend show.

Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Neal Brennan, Christina P, and more big time comics have all recently performed on stage in one of comedy’s most intimate settings. I’ve performed there myself countless times, sometimes to a packed house and sometimes at two in the morning to seemingly nobody at all.

Either way, you’re sure to have fun at the Creek and the Cave, and you never know who might just show up.

Best on 6th: Vulcan Gas Company

The what? A gas company? Doing comedy shows? Well, not quite. To be honest, I have no idea why it’s called the Vulcan Gas Company. It used to be an EDM venue, but has transformed into primarily a comedy club over the last year, becoming one of the favorites in town.

Best known for hosting the live podcast, “Kill Tony” every Monday at 8 pm, Vulcan Gas Company has elevated itself (it has two floors) into the land of super awesome and fun places to watch comedy.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a ticket, you can catch Joe Rogan work out new material there almost on a weekly basis. How many times can I mention Joe Rogan in this post? Did you place your bets? 35 you said? Not enough. Do better.

And yes, Joe Rogan is opening a comedy club in Austin. And yes, it’s rumored it will be on sixth street. It’s rumored to be called The Comedy Mothership. Rumored. Don’t quote me. These are rumors. As Joe says on his podcast, he can’t say anything for certain yet.

Downtown gems: The Velveeta Room, East Austin Comedy Club, Sunset Strip Comedy Club

The Velveeta Room

Ah, the new versus the old. Opening in 1988, the Velveeta Room is Austin’s longest running comedy club. Once upon a time there were 39 Velveeta Rooms scattered around the world, but only two remain: the Austin location and another in Hong Kong.

You’re unlikely to catch a major touring act in the quaint spaces of the Velveeta room, but you’re sure to have a ball.

The small room creates a vibrant space for comedy and a chance to see some of the best up and coming talent in the world. It also lies smack dab in the middle of 6th street, so if you don’t catch enough laughs inside the building, you can just step outside and laugh at a random drunk person being all random and drunk and stuff.

Oh, and there’s a bar inside as well. And next door. And next door. It’s 6th street, there’s a bar everywhere

East Austin Comedy Club

Right on the other side of the highway lies the brand new East Austin Comedy Club, freshly opened in May of 2022 and ready to rumble. Like the Velveeta Room, they only run shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in a small and intimate environment designed perfectly for comedy.

The general admission price of $20 includes an open wine bar and the choice to BYOB, which is pretty neat if you’re looking to get a specific type of wasted.

The club is run by comics, so it’s hard to beat the price for the quality of talent you’ll be seeing.

Sunset Room

Speaking of talent, you can catch even more of it at the Sunset Strip Comedy Club, recently opened in 2021. Yay, talent! I’m sick with a case of talent, and the only cure is more talent.

The beautiful Sunset Room creates an incredible atmosphere for comedy and houses a larger audience than the Velveeta Room or East Austin Comedy Club along with a bar and friendly staff.

  • Address: 310 E 3rd St, Austin, TX 78701
  • Website: Sunset Room

Best Spots for IMPROV! – Esther’s Follies and Fallout Theater

Esther’s Follies

And… it’s improv! Yeah! I’m an elephant on benzos and I’m reallllyyyyy tired. I don’t know what I’m saying. This is why I don’t do improv.

But if you’d like to catch some improv, there’s a couple great options. Esther’s Follies sits right next to the Velveeta Room and is well known for selling out show after show, so you better get on those tickets fast! You can find a variety of acts such as sketch comedy, political satire, and even… magic! Whoa. How cool was that? That exclamation point came out of nowhere.

Fallout Theather

If you’d like to take a shot at improv yourself, look no further than Fallout Theatre. Host to standup comedy and improv shows, the venue also provides classes for people who had questionable childhoods and feel the need to get on stage and make a fool of themselves.

The most well-known club: Capital City Comedy Club

Austin’s most well-known comedy club closed down at the start of the pandemic but has recently re-opened in the Domain of North Austin.

From what I’ve heard, it was a great place to catch a show and has a bunch of great touring acts lined up throughout the rest of the year. It was so great that it was voted the best comedy club in Austin for 2021 even though it was closed the entire year. Whoops, somebody got a little lazy on that one, eh?

Nonetheless, it’s exciting to have Capital City back and better than ever.

Best Comedy Clubs for Open Mic in Austin

Want to try your hand at comedy? Here’s a list of my favorite open mics in Austin.

Buzzmill on Riverside, Tuesdays at 8 PM. (Contact Aaron Seroussi on Instagram or Facebook for details)

  • Address: 1505 Town Creek Drive, Austin TX 78741

Lucky Duck, Wednesdays at 8 PM. (Lottery signup is at 6 pm for the first 40 spots. First come first serve after.)

  • Address: 1300 E 6th St, Austin TX 78702

KickButt Coffee, Wednesdays at 8 PM. (Signup at 7:30. List is re-ordered at 7:45)

  • Address: 5775 Airport Blvd. Suite 725 Austin TX 78752

Velveeta Room, Thursdays at 9 PM. (Signup on the Velveeta Room website before Tuesday at midnight.)

  • Address: 521 E. 6th Street, Austin TX 78701

Creek and the Cave Open Mic, More info on their open mic page.

  • Address: 611 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701