San Antonio’s 10 Best Dance Clubs and Night Clubs

best dance clubs and night clubs in san antonio

There’s over 1.5 million people living in San Antonio, so it’s no surprise that our bustling city also has an impressive collection of nightlife.

Put simply – if you’re looking to party the night away, San Antonio is a great spot to be.

Whether you’re in the mood for country saloons, Latin Clubs, hip hop clubs, loud bustling clubs or chill quiet clubs, you can find it in San Antonio.

To help you sort through all those blinding lights and thumbing bass, here’s my list of the 10 best dance clubs and night clubs in San Antonio.

Map of the best clubs in San Antonio

Best LGBTQ+ club: Bonham Exchange

You have not lived until you’ve seen a drag performance at the Bonham Exchange. This was one of my favorite haunts back in college, but San Antonio consistently ranks the Bonham Exchange as the best nightclub in San Antonio.

Technically it’s a gay bar, but everyone is welcome in this open-minded and downright fun environment. The Bonham Exchange has been around for over 40 years, so it’s got a lot of history, too. The club is 18+, so you don’t have to be 21 to enjoy its 3 levels of dancing and multiple DJs.

Fun fact: I like to take advantage of downtown San Antonio’s free Tuesday night parking before a jaunt at the BX. Since downtown parking is, like, $20 a pop, it’s a good way to save your money for booze.

Best flashback night club: The Industry

The Industry prides itself on blasting hits from the 80s and 90s. On certain nights, they’ll also play new wave, indie, and electronica music. That’s certainly different than your garden variety clubs that play top 40s hits, but it’s perfect for the 40+ crowd. The Industry is a bit chiller than other clubs and features pool, plenty of seating, and bangin’ $2 drink specials.

  • Address: 8021 Pinebrook Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230
  • Website: The Industry

Sexiest nightclub in San Antonio: The Aztec Lounge

Located within the historic Aztec Theatre is the trendy Aztec Lounge. It’s only open on Saturday nights, but the Mesoamerican-inspired design of this nightclub will make your jaw drop to the floor.

It’s a loud club for younger folks, but if you want to dance the night away to trendy top 40s hits, this is the place to be. The lighting and ambiance here are amazing, but The Aztec also has plenty of tables and seating if you want to enjoy a drink between songs.

The most “Texas” nightclub in town: Brass Monkey

It doesn’t get more Texas than Brass Monkey. The venue might be a little small on the inside, but the $3 drink specials make Brass Monkey a must-see if you’re on the Saint Mary’s strip.

Brass Monkey does host plenty of events and dance parties (might I suggest their Retro Nights?), and their outdoor area is great, too. You can actually carry on a conversation with your friends on the patio—complete with an outdoor bar—which makes Brass Monkey a great place to hang out.

Keep in mind that this venue is 21+ only. The good news is that means there’s never a cover to get in!

  • Address: 2702 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Website: Brass Monkey

Most popular country dance club: Cowboys Dancehall

Cowboys Dancehall is probably the BIGGEST nightclub I’ve ever seen. The parking lot is gigantic and the facade of the building is painted to look like an old-timey Western town. In college, most of my friends made the weekly pilgrimage to Cowboys for its huge dance floor and modern country tunes. If you’re looking for an excuse to put on your cowboy boots, this is the place to be.

By the way, Cowboys also offers free dance lessons! Arrive at 7:30 for a free primer on how to spin your partner ’round the dance floor in a judgment-free environment. A little liquid courage can help with nerves, too.

  • Address: 3030 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Website: Cowboys Dancehall

Best country saloon: Thirsty Horse Dance Hall & Saloon

If Cowboys Dancehall is a little too crowded for your tastes, try Thirsty Horse. This saloon is chiller than Cowboys and, although the crowd here is a little older, it’s still a great place to enjoy modern country music. If you’re a little peckish, Thirsty Horse has a saloon menu with bar favorites like sliders, fries, and tacos.

  • Address: 2335 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231
  • Website: Thirsty Horse

Best Latin club in San Antonio: Arjons

In the mood to dance to some live Latin music? Arjons has the cure. This swanky Latin club only plays live music, which is perfect if you want to feel the beat of the drums as you dance the salsa, bachata, cumbia, and other styles of Latin dance. Arjons is open Thursday – Sunday and offers free dance classes, too, so even if you have two left feet, you’ll fit right in.

Oh, but don’t try to get into Arjons in jeans. This place is a higher-end dance club, so make sure you’re wearing your Sunday best if you want to cut a rug.

  • Address: 8736 Tesoro Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Website: Arjons

Best piano bar: Howl at the Moon San Antonio

I can’t even count how many nights my friends and I spent at Howl back in my college days. It seemed like every month one of my friends won a free Howl party with drink specials and exclusive table reservations.

The best feature of Howl At The Moon is the dueling pianos and live music covers. This was a college favorite because of the enormous bucket drinks you can order, which can easily get you and a couple of friends tipsy enough to dance.

  • Address: 111 W. Crockett Street St. #201, San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Website: Howl at the Moon

Best hip hop club in San Antonio: V Lounge

Ready to dance to hip hop faves in a modern venue? V Lounge is a great place for younger clubbers to groove to R&B and hip hop tunes. They not only have hookah and a patio, but food trucks also park in front of the club if you get a hungry spot.

The atmosphere is high-end, but V Lounge has a more relaxed dress code, so you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in—so goodbye, heel blisters.

  • Address: 107 E Martin St, San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Website: V Lounge

Chillest night club: Midtown Lounge SA

Sick of the noise and drama at other nightclubs? If you want good conversation, music, and drinks, head over to Midtown Lounge. It bills itself as a “sexy and grown up” nightclub for adults who want to get out of the house.

Midtown has an outdoor lounge, plenty of seating, and even hosts events like sports viewing parties. It’s not your run-of-the-mill club, but if you’re looking for a chill time with friends, stop by on Soulful Sundays to enjoy great music and a friendly atmosphere.