The 8 Best Indian Food Restaurants in San Antonio

best indian food san antonio

If you love Indian food (guilty!) then you’re in the right place.

San Antonio has tons of fantastic Indian restaurants.

Whether you’re craving North or South Indian, butter chicken or a big buffet, fresh naan or fried samosas… The Alamo City has got you covered.

And so do I! Because today, I’m sharing all my favorite places to find the best Indian food in San Antonio!

Map of the Best Indian Food in San Antonio

Best Indian Buffet In San Antonio: India Palace

India Palace is a small Indian joint that’s known primarily for its lunch and dinner buffet. I am absolutely obsessed with their perfectly crisp samosas that are filled with potatoes and green peas.

But if you aren’t there for the buffet, try India Palace’s Royal Dinner. It’s enough food for two people and comes with tandoori chicken, tandoori shrimp, boti kebab, lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, sag paneer, veggie curry, naan, and rice. That’s a ton of food for $40, but the portions are generous enough that you’ll probably go home with leftovers.

By the way, if the food is a touch too spicy for you, I recommend ordering India Palace’s raita. This yogurt sauce comes with cucumber and mint, which cools down spicy curries in a hurry. You can also order their kheer (saffron rice pudding) to cool down, too!

  • Address: 8474 Fredericksburg Rd #100, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Website: India Palace

Best Vegetarian Indian Food in San Antonio: India Oven

Looking for a more adventurous protein? Try India Oven’s goat dishes. You can order the goat curry, which comes with bone-in goat meat, tomatoes, and spices. You can also try the goat vindaloo, which comes with the meat, sauce, and a hearty helping of potatoes.

But if goat isn’t your thing, don’t worry. India Oven has a surprisingly vegetarian-friendly menu, too. In fact, if you really feel like treating yourself, you can get the vegetarian dinner for $16. It comes with veggie samosas, sag paneer, dal, nav korma, paratha, rice pillar, raita, and kheer.

  • Address: 1031 Patricia #106, San Antonio, TX 78213
  • Website: India Oven

Best South Indian Restaurant in San Antonio: India Taj Palace

While India Taj Palace does serve Northern Indian-inspired dishes like curry and naan, their South Indian-inspired soups, lentils, and stews are worth the trip alone. Try a cup of their dal (lentil soup) or tomato coconut soup to warm up on cold days.

India Taj Palace definitely has a higher-end feel to it than other Indian restaurants in San Antonio, so it’s the perfect place for a winter date night.

P.S. They also have an all-you-can-eat buffet available if you really want to stuff your gullet with Indian delicacies.

Best Butter Chicken in San Antonio: Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant

Looking for the creamiest, flakiest butter chicken in SA? In my opinion, Tandoor Palace is the winner. For $14, you can get an enormous serving of butter chicken. I like to devour it on a slab of garlic naan, but you can also pour it over a side dish of rice, if that’s your thing.

By the way, they cook the naan in a huge cylindrical tandoor, which makes the bread both puffy and crispy. Mmmm.

Best Indo-Chinese Food in San Antonio: Madurai Mes

Madurai Mes is one of the most authentic—and dare I say, Instagrammable?—Indian restaurants in San Antonio. It’s a smallish space, but it’s clean and decorated in a high-end Art Deco style. Most of its dishes are served on banana leaves, which makes for a gorgeous plate of food, regardless of what you’re ordering. Madurai Mes takes great pains to be authentic, which is why they serve both South and North Indian fare.

But actually, their Indo-Chinese menu is pretty unique to San Antonio. Indo-Chinese food is nothing new, but it definitely makes Madurai Mes stand out from other Indian restaurants in San Antonio. Try their Chinese Chilli Chicken, Veggie Manchuria, or Singapore Rice Noodles.

  • Address: 5152 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Website: Madurai Mes

Best Lassi in San Antonio: Spice Fine Indian Cuisine Biryani Place

With locations in San Antonio and even Austin, Spice is clearly a local favorite. While you could try their authentic menu that covers North India, South India, and even Indo-Chinese cuisine, they’re my favorite haunt for OG lassi.

Lassi is a Punjabi drink that’s made from yogurt, spice, and sometimes fruit. It’s a refreshing way to end a meal, but I’m mighty picky about my lassi—the texture and sweetness have to be just right. Fortunately, Spice makes some of the best lassi I’ve ever had. (I’m more of a traditionalist and stick with mango lassi, but you can also try the salt lassi if you aren’t as big of a sugar fiend.)

  • Address 1: 3720 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Address 2: 220 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Website: Spice Fine Indian Cuisine

Best Fresh Naan in San Antonio: Taste of India

Taste of India is a small, no-frills family restaurant, but they make some of the best naan in San Antonio. They have a tandoori oven that makes for THE BEST bite of naan you’ll ever have (and it cooks super fast, too). I devour the bread by itself, but if you’re more civilized than me, pair it with a spicy curry.

Just keep in mind that Taste of India closes every day from 2:30 – 5 pm, so time your visit accordingly.

P.S. Taste of India also serves halal meat by request.

  • Address: 5999 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249
  • WebsiteTaste of India

Best Hyderabadi Cuisine in San Antonio: Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot is conveniently located down the road from me, so we eat there at least once a month. I usually get my food to-go, but their dining room is clean, modern, and well-lit, so it’s perfect for date night. Biryani Pot specializes in Hyderabadi food, which is famous for biryani (hence the name). You obviously have to try the biryani here.

You can even order a Family Pack of their veggie, chicken, or goat biryani to feed a crowd. Whatever protein you choose, each biryani dish comes with raita (a cucumber-mint yogurt sauce) and mirchi ka salan (curried chilli peppers). The biryani here is authentic, but it can get spicy! Cool things down with the raita or by ending your meal with a mango lassi.

  • Address: 9386 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240
  • Website: Biryani Pot