The 8 Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Amarillo

best mexican food in amarillo tx

Whether you’re a long time local or you’re just driving through on I-40, there’s one thing you need to know about Amarillo:

This town has some serious Mexican food.

Maybe it’s our location. We’re close enough to Mexico to get those authentic influences, while deep enough in the heart of Texas to develop our own Tex-Mex twists. Plus we’re barely an hour’s drive to the New Mexican border.

The result? Amarillo’s Mexican food scene is a melting pot all of it’s own. So, no matter what sort of Mexican food you’re looking for, whether it’s authentic south of the border cuisine or unique Tex-Mex fare, you can find it in our humble West Texas town.

Today, I’m sharing all the best Mexican food restaurants in Amarillo!

Map of the Best Mexican Places in Amarillo, TX

The most popular Mexican restaurant in Amarillo: Braceros Mexican Grill & Bar

There’s a two different Braceros in Amarillo (plus two El Bracero restaurants, to keep it confusing) but I always prefer the original on 6th Avenue, and it seems like the rest of town does, too. This place tends to be packed at all hours, which is probably why there’s been so many other Bracero locations popping up around town.

In any case, at Braceros you can find some of the most amazing Mexican food in town for extremely reasonably prices.

  • Address: 2822 6th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79106
  • Website: Braceros

The most authentic Mexican restaurant in Amarillo: El Manantial

This tiny little white home looks unsuspecting from the outside, but step inside and you’ll find a neatly decorated, colorful Mexican joint. And this place just so happens to serve what’s probably the most popular, authentic Mexican food in Amarillo.

El Manantial just does it right. From the moment you sit down and the friendly staff loads you up with fresh, warm chips, you know you’re in for a treat. You can’t really go wrong on the lengthy menu, although I always recommend the birria (a house specialty tender beef) or some of their authentic caldos (soups). Oh, and they also have a big drink menu that’s sure to get the fiesta started.

  • Address: 3823 E Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79107
  • Website: El Manantial

Best tacos in Amarillo: El Tejavan

For another amazing authentic option in Amarillo, you cannot go wrong with El Tejavan. El Tejavan is a local’s favorite with an awesome history. Over 25 years ago, the owners began by selling tacos and tortas out of their convenience store. The city loved it, so they added a front porch, then a restaurant, and then a a second restaurant.

Today, both El Tejavan locations are serving some incredible, authentic, and delicious Mexican food. I always recommend the street tacos that first put El Tajavan on the map, but you also can’t go wrong with any of their fajitas, enchiladas, or specialty plates.

PS- El Tejavan also serves one of the best Mexican breakfasts in Amarillo.

  • Address 1: 3801 E I-40, Amarillo, TX 79104
  • Address 2: 3420 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79102
  • Website: El Tejavan

The best tortilleria: Tortilleria Lupita

A tortilleria is traditionally a shop that produces freshly made tortillas, and Amarillo’s own Tortilleria Lupita certainly fits that bill! This delicious little spot has  a menu with just a small handful of choices – mostly burritos, gorditas, tacos, and tortas.  But what Lupita does, it does incredibly well!

No matter which vessel you choose, you’re given a handful of meat options to fill it how you like. That said, I highly recommend the chile verde pork… for my money, it’s some of the best you’ll ever find outside of our neighbors in New Mexico!

The most unique Mexican food: Yellow City Street Food

The little chef-owned street food joint sources all of its ingredients locally, then turns those ingredients into some of the most unique Mexican food in Amarillo. There’s a handful of tacos on the menu, most of which fuse Mexican cuisine with other cultures, like the “Bulgogi Taco” which marinates the steak in soy sauce for a delicious Asian Twist.

There’s also an impressive collection of burgers, fries, and craft beer, and Yellow City is one of the more vegetarian-friendly options around, if that matters for you or your group.

The best Tex-Mex in Amarillo: Jorge’s Mexican Bar & Grill

With a menu that’s packed full of fantastic nachos, quesadillas, and even ribeye plates, Jorge’s is a great choice if you’re craving Tex-Mex. It’s also located a little further south than most of the other restaurants on this list, so keep that in mind for the days when you find yourself in a certain area and hit with the Tex-Mex craving.

My favorite fajitas: David’s Mexican Restaurant

David’s Mexican Restaurant is a sometimes overlooked spot on the North side of town. While their whole menu is solid, I find them worth visiting for one reason alone – they’ve got some huge, tender, and delicious Fajitas.

The most popular Tex-Mex chain in Amarillo: Abuelo’s

Abuelo’s is a national chain. Personally, it seems a shame to eat at a chain when our town has so many ingredible, authentic, and locally owned options, but since I know some of you just gotta have your Abuelo’s, here it is.