Best Pizza in Amarillo: A Local’s Guide to the Top 9 Parlors

best pizza in amarillo

Like a lot of Amarillo’s food scene, our humble town’s selection of awesome pizzas usually surprises people.

From classic styles to unique, chef-crafted options, there’s no shortage of delicious pizza restaurants in Amarillo.

Which is why I thought it’d be useful to give you the complete local’s breakdown to all the best pizza spots in Amarillo, TX!

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Map of where to find the best pizza in Amarillo:

The Local’s Favorite: 575 Pizzeria

575 Pizza first opened in 2004, and their gourmet pizzas quickly proved so popular that they opened a second location just a few years later.

Both locations now rock a long list of chef-crafted pizzas, so you can find everything from a “Green Chile Cheeseburger” pizza to a goat cheese “Green Striped Piggy” and of course… “The Omni”… a meat and mushroom style pizza that Urbanspoon once rated the best overall pizza in America!

Aside from the amazing pizza, 575 has also developed a loyal following thanks to head chef Brian Kelleher’s active role in the community. 575 frequently hosts popular tasting events, pub crawls, local fundraisers, and even a popular podcast highlighting the best in Amarillo’s food scene.

  • Address: 7710 Hillside Rd #700, Amarillo, TX 79119
  • Website: 575 Pizzeria

The best wood-fired pizza: Fire Slice Pizzeria

If you’re looking for that classic brick-oven pizza, Fire Slice Pizzeria is probably your best bet in Amarillo.

As you’d expect from a top-notch pizza spot, they make all their dough from scratch, but then they take things to the next level by tossing it into their carefully tuned brick ovens. The result is what might be the best crust in town, topped with unique ingredients for an unbelievable pizza. As a bonus, they’ve also got a pretty solid craft beer selection.

  • Address: 7306 SW 34th Avenue (Space 10 rear) in the alley behind the Summit Shopping Center, Amarillo, TX 79121
  • Website: Fire Slice

For pizza and a gyro: Vince’s Italian Pizza

Vince’s Italian pizza is an Amarillo institution. This family owned-joint has been serving delicious pizza from their tiny little storefront for the past 40+ years. Inside, you’ll find exactly the sort of simple ambiance you’d expect from the building’s unassuming exterior, with a small dining room offering a no-frills experience. And delicious pizza, of course.

Then again, talking about the pizza is only half of the story at Vince’s. That’s because this spot also happens to serve some of the best gyros around… The owner proudly carves the meat straight off the vertical rotisserie, for that authentic gyro spit flavor.

The best food truck pizza: Pizzeria Nomad

Yes, Pizzeria Nomad recently opened up a permanent location on 34th and Georgia, but this is the only pizza spot in town that started as a delicious food truck! For years, their unique pizzas has been wow’ing Amarillo eaters all over town, which is why we were more than pumped to the nomad finally put down some some permanent roots.

At the new spot, you’ll find all the delicious pizzas that made Pizzeria Nomad so popular, including the classics like an incredible Pepperoni or Margherita, plus some unique spins like the Brisket Pizza or Burrata Pizza.

  • Address: 2648 SW 34th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Website: Pizzeria Nomad

The best pizza with a craft beer: Six Car Pub & Brewery

Six Car is one of Amarillo’s trendiest new spots, which makes it the best place in town to grab a pizza and a craft beer.

This downtown location features a massive indoor space, an impressive outdoor space, and even a rooftop patio. The focus here is on their house-brewed craft beer, but the solid food menu also includes a concise selection of high quality pizzas to go along with your drink. Don’t miss that smoked brisket pizza with green chiles – it’s basically the Texas Panhandle on a plate.

For local delivery: La Bella Pizza

If you’re looking for delivery pizza, skip the chains and go local with La Bella Pizza. They offer online ordering and local delivery for their whole menu.

La Bella’s pizza is the classic variety – you’ll find traditional crust and solid toppings that are perfect for satisfying whatever craving you have.

  • Address 1: 3801 Olsen Blvd Unit 9, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Address 2: 7230 Hillside Rd, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Website: La Bella Pizza

Where to eat pizza and watch the game: Bubba’s 33

Bubba’s 33 serves solid pizza in a classic sports-bar atmosphere. So you can chomp down on a delicious pie without missing a single minute of the game, thanks to dozens of huge TVs scattered around this place.

The best Texas chain: Palio’s Pizza

Palio’s Pizza has about 50 locations throughout Texas, including one spot on the west side of Amarillo. There you’ll get consistent, quality pizza in a nicer, sit-down environment. If you’re looking for a safe bet for pizza in a setting that’s sure to please a crowd, Palio’s is a solid choice in Amarillo.

Best pizza just outside of town: Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

Joe’s Pizza and Pasta sits about 15 minutes West of Amarillo in Bushland, TX, just past the famous Cadillac Ranch. Joe’s is definitely worth a mention for its quality thin crust pizza served in uniquely Texan atmosphere. From the floor made out of pennies to the restaurant’s wood-paneled, barn-style construction, this is the perfect spot to grab a solid meal while cruising through Amarillo.