The Best Pizza in Waco (One Local’s 11 Favorites)

best pizza waco tx

Here in Waco, we have no shortage of awesome pizza spots.

Maybe it’s the college town factor. Or maybe people here just really love pizza, myself included.

Over the years, I’ve tried out some of the most popular pizza places all over town. If you’re looking for that perfect slice, here are my personal picks for the 11 best pizza restaurants in Waco.

Map of my favorite pizza in Waco

Best pizza on the go: Shorty’s Pizza Shack

Shorty’s is a local favorite of Waco, both founded in Waco and family-owned. Shorty’s prides themselves on quality and providing a fun atmosphere for their customers, including an outdoor area for relaxing and enjoying a slice.

Shorty’s has a daily menu of “Pie by the Slice” pillow pockets. As the name implies, they’re dough folded like a pocket and filled with an assortment of your choice of toppings. Another one of Shorty’s most appealing items is their variety of specialty pizzas, including “Betty’s Chicken Fajita Pie” and “Texarita.”

With a sausage and hamburger house recipe, daily deals for pizza, and lunch specials, Shorty’s is the place to be for many delicious options.

Best pizza with a beer: Southern Roots Brewing Company

Downtown Waco holds many quality restaurants, but Southern Roots is the place for great food, live music, and a pet-friendly environment. Founded in Waco, this pub-like pizza spot offers a variety of specialty options. The first time I had one of their specialty pizzas, I was shocked by how crispy and flavorful their crust was.

Southern Roots has many fun events going on, including trivia night every Tuesday, and they host occasional live music from local bands.

In addition to their selection of traditional and specialty pizzas, Southern Roots promotes a “Pizza of the Month” that will keep you coming back to see what is new!

Best made from scratch: Slow Rise

Located just a few minutes from central Waco, Slow rise has two locations, but my favorite is the one with a scenic view of the Brazos River.

Slow Rise gets its name from the special dough recipe that ferments and slowly rises, creating a thick crust.

Owned by Waco natives, Slow Rise offers a very large variety of pizzas from “Kung Fu Chicken” to “Vivas Las Veggies,” and even includes gluten-free and cauliflower crust options.

From slices to pies, this New York-style pizza features locally sourced ingredients to ensure a quality pizza and experience.

  • Location 1: 1620 N M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Waco, TX 76704
  • Location 2: 7608 Woodway Dr, Waco, TX 76712
  • Website: Slow Rise

Best brick oven pizza: 900 Degrees Pizzeria

In addition to their store in downtown Waco, 900 Degrees features a mobile trailer at the Magnolia Silos, a convenient spot to try pizza wherever in Waco you may be. Founded in Waco, the shop’s main attraction is the option to build your own pizza. With a multitude of different meat and veggies and lots of sauces and cheeses, there’s something for everyone, however you like it.

One of 900 Degrees’ fun trademarks is the pizza names that reference Waco landmarks, such as “Suspension Bridge” and “The Alico.”

This wood fire pizza is great if you’re in the mood for a faster option with great quality.

Biggest slice: The Village Pizzeria and Gelato Bar

The Village Pizzeria is located inside Union Hall, a warehouse filled with over a dozen local Waco vendors. If you’re in a rush, they offer indoor seating and speedy to-go orders.

But their most famous feature? Their giant slice, available in 10 different options from “Flying Pig” to “Hot Honey.”

In addition to their giant slice, The Village makes whole pies in even more specialty options, including my personal favorite, “Texas,” which is a barbeque chicken pizza with red onions, bacon, and jalapenos.

Best Chicago-style: Rosati’s Pizza

If you are looking for authentic Chicago-style pizza, Rosati’s is the place for you! Originally founded in Chicago, this restaurant has over five generations of quality pizza.

One of their best selling pizzas is the Chicago-style made with Rosati’s unique sauce on top. All the specialty pizzas are available in different crusts, including thin, deep dish, double dough, or gluten-free.

Whether you are choosing one of Rosati’s specialty pizzas or building your own, trying the Chicago thin crust is a must.

Pizza with delicious Italian spins: Baris

Though best known for their pasta, Baris offers a wonderful selection of pizzas and calzones. Baris makes each pizza from scratch, handmade to order to ensure your meal is fresh every time. Baris has more of a limited selection of pizzas, but includes calzones and stromboli on their pizza menu that always come out with a big puffy crust full of your choice filling.

Baris puts a unique twist on some of their pizzas, seemingly combining pasta and pizza with choices like “Baris Florentine Pizza” and “Baris White Wonder Pizza.” Both of these creations include toppings one would expect to see in an authentic Italian pasta dish.

  • Location: 904 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76710
  • Website: Baris

Best pizza in downtown Waco: Portofino

If you are in the mood for traditional New York style pizza with a bit of a twist, Portofino is an excellent spot to start. Right in the heart of downtown, Portofino has a massive menu with seemingly endless options for the perfect Italian feast, including a colorful selection of pizza.

Some of the most interesting pizza combinations include “Taco Pizza,” “Bruschetta Pizza,” and “Chicken Parmigiana Pizza.” This restaurant is a local favorite, and has plenty of options to explore each time you go.

Most diverse toppings: Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante

If you are looking for an all-around authentic Italian experience with fresh pizza, Di Camplu’s is the place. With phenomenal flavor and presentation, Di Campli’s tops it off by serving house-made pizza dough and fresh ingredients.

With interesting and delicious combinations like “Shrimp Pizza” and “Potato and Pancetta,” this is the place to try pizza toppings that aren’t your average pairing. Though they have a lunch and dinner menu, Di Campli’s serves their pizza fresh all day.

Best fancy wood-fired: Moroso Pizzeria

This wood fire option is located just down the street from downtown Waco. With more of a fancier and warm atmosphere, Moroso is perfect for a romantic pizza date. Moroso offers many specialty pizza options with artisan-style pizza and authentic Italian toppings.

These ingredients are not your everyday pizza toppings, including imported Italian “fig caramellati” and “Calabrian chilis” in some of the many pizza combinations. One of their specialty pizzas that has roasted onions & peppers, crispy pancetta, and Italian sausage on top is my personal favorite.

Whether you are looking for a taste of Italy or are in the mood to try something authentic, Moroso’s has both a relaxing atmosphere and quality food for an excellent experience.

Biggest pizza: Pizza Junction

This little shop is a little farther out of the way but worth the drive. Though it is technically in Robinson, it is only a twelve minute drive from downtown Waco, with unique hours of 11-1 and 4-9 every weekday.

Pizza Junction has a more limited menu than other restaurants, but not everyone has a “Baked Potato” pizza or a variety of sizes ranging from small (8”) to Big Kid(26”).

One fun and special aspect of Pizza Junction is their Big Kid Challenge. If you can eat their 26” pizza in under an hour, then it’s free!

  • Location: 504 S Robinson Dr, Robinson, TX 76706
  • Website: N/A