The 10 Best Places for Soul Food in San Antonio

best soul food san antonio

You certainly aren’t going to lose weight by dining on soul food delicacies—but there’s something comforting and magical about it nonetheless.

San Antonio is known for its Mexican food, but we actually have a surprising number of soul food joints, too!

Whether you want traditional Southern soul food or something more exotic, we’ve got a piping hot plate of food for whatever ails you. Whether it’s oxtails, chicken and waffles, or fried catfish, the Alamo City has a lot of soul food faves.

Here are the top 10 best soul food restaurants in San Antonio.

Map of the Best Soul Food in San Antonio

Best Fried Catfish: Tony G’s

Tony G’s took grandma’s Sunday cooking and turned it into a welcoming, modern restaurant with a gorgeous ambiance. Whether it’s potatoes, fried fish, collard greens, or award-winning grits, this restaurant has a plate of soul food cooked from the heart.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have a full bar, too! If it’s your first time here, I highly recommend ordering the fried catfish with mac ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, and a roll.

Best Mobile Soul Food: Big Mama’s Taste of Soul

Big Mama’s is a mobile food truck that slings some serious soul food. Their location changes frequently, so make sure you check out their Facebook page to see where they’re at today.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Big Mama’s mac ‘n’ cheese, which has a crunchy crust that is my all-time favorite. But they’re actually famous for their turkey chops, which are pan-fried and smothered in gravy. Mmm.

Best Oxtails: Mrs. Kitchen Soul Food Restaurant

Oxtails are a staple of soul food, and Mrs. Kitchen does them right. They’re cooked slowly to bring out tons of flavor. My husband likes to eat them with mashed potatoes and cornbread to soak up all of the juicy goodness.

The only weird thing about Mrs. Kitchen is that they close pretty early. Depending on the day, they close their doors from 4 – 6 PM, so in my experience, it’s a better spot for lunch or an early dinner.

  • Address: 5237 Walzem Rd, Windcrest, TX 78218
  • Website: Mrs. Kitchen

Best Family Meals: Soul Food Bistro

Soul Food Bistro serves up some big portions at great prices. My favorite thing about this soul food stop is the fact that they do family platters. Get oxtails, turkey, catfish, or smothered pork chops for family dinner without breaking the bank. My husband also says that their gumbo is out of this world!

This is another joint that has some really weird hours (they’re often closed on Saturdays). So check their hours before you make the trip!

Best Caribbean Soul Food: Momma Luv’s Soul & Caribbean Food

Momma Luv’s adds a Caribbean twist to soul food favorites, so if you want to try something new, this is the place to be! They serve up a mean Caribbean jerk chicken plate, but the fried shrimp and Caribbean chicken stew are stupendous, too.

With options like Fried Salmon Bites, Jamaican Beef Patties, and (my personal favorite) Plantains, Momma Luv’s does soul food with a Caribbean flair that keeps me coming back for more.

Best Jewish Soul Food: Bubby’s Jewish Soul Food

Who says soul food has to be Southern? It’s surprisingly hard to find Jewish food in San Antonio, but Bubby’s changed that. They have a huge bakery with fresh challah, babka, and rugelach if you want to stuff yourself with glorious carbs.

Bubby’s also makes a ton of different sandwiches, including Pastrami sandwiches for the purists out there. I’m more of a Nova Lox Bagel kind of girl, but Bubby’s also has more adventurous options like chopped liver, tongue, and creamed herring, too.

  • Address: 12730 NW Military Hwy #101, San Antonio, TX 78231
  • Website: Bubby’s

Best Vegan Soul Food: Binge Kitchen

Binge Kitchen is a tidy, delicious soul food restaurant where you can get all of your faves. I’m incredibly picky about my fried okra, but these folks do it right. The breading is perfectly crispy and stays on, which I love! Their fried pickles are also HEAVENLY.

What’s different about Binge Kitchen is its vegan options! They make delectable cauliflower wings, candied yams, and a wide variety of chik’n sliders (BBQ is my favorite).

Binge Kitchen is closed on Saturdays, so I recommend stopping by for weekday lunch or dinner.

Best Black-Eyed Peas: Mamma Lou’s

Mamma Lou’s is an awesome drive-thru soul food spot in San Antonio. They serve everything from fried chicken to fish to pork chops, but their best dish (in my humble opinion) is the black-eyed peas. Sure, it’s a side, but I usually order two servings because it’s so good.

P.S. Mamma Lou’s sweet potato pie is heaven on earth. Don’t you dare leave without grabbing a slice!

  • Address: 4929 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Website: Mamma Lou’s

Best Chicken and Waffles: Mr. A Ok’s Kitchen

Mr. A Ok’s is a family business that’s been around for just a few years, but its packed dining room says it all. It’s one of the few places in San Antonio that knows how to do fried green tomatoes right, which makes my Southern heart so happy.

While I do love the fried green tomatoes, I’m a huge fan of Mr. A Ok’s chicken and waffles. There’s something about the chicken breading that makes it perfectly crisp and never soggy. They cook the waffle perfectly, too, ensuring it’s still crunchy but easy to cut with a fork. Perfection!

Best Candied Yams: Sweet Yams

I’m amazed that there are so many healthy soul food spots in San Antonio! Sweet Yams is a vegan-friendly, organic, gluten-free cafe that specializes in soul food. They do their best to cook free-range chicken, sustainable salmon, and gluten-free whenever possible—but don’t worry, the food is awesome!

I don’t like super sweet yams personally, so Sweet Yams’ simple approach to their yams wins me over every time. They also have sweet potato cupcakes if you want something sweeter!