Best Steakhouse in Amarillo: The 9 Top Spots (According to a Local)

best steakhouses amarillo tx

For most people, West Texas is known as as the land of oil, gas, cotton, and… livestock.

So whether you’re a long-time Amarillo local or just passing through our humble West Texas town, it makes sense to grab yourself a delicious steak.

When in Rome, right?

Today, we’re sharing all the best steakhouses (and other best places for steaks*) in Amarillo, TX.

*Yes, there’s fast food steak in Amarillo. Read on!

Map of the best steakhouses in Amarillo, TX

The most famous steakhouse in Amarillo: The Big Texan

best steakhouses amarillo tx

It’s basically impossible to talk about steakhouses in Amarillo without mentioning the world famous Big Texan.

Originally put on the map for their ridiculous 72 ounce steak challenge, this place has been featured on more TV show episodes than anywhere else in Amarillo. And on your first visit, it’s just as tourist trappy as you could have ever dreamed. The Big Texan sits in a huge yellow building with an enormous parking lot, complete with an oversized sign, a gift shop, and more photo-op locations than any restaurant should ever need.

Just watch this video and you get the vibe of this place:

So, what’s the real local’s scoop on The Big Texan?

Yes, it’s touristy. Yes, it’s a little overpriced. And yes, you’re absolutely nuts if you try to the challenge. (A 72 ounce steak in an hour tastes as unnatural as you’d expect…)

BUT, you’ve gotta be a real scrooge not to admit that a place can’t get this popular without doing something right. And that something is obvious: the Big Texan is probably the most fun steakhouse experience you’ll ever have. And more surprisingly, the human-sized portions are actually pretty good steaks.

So go ahead, give The Big Texan a visit and have some fun. We both know you were going to go, anyway.

  • Address: 7701 I-40 East, Amarillo, TX 79118
  • Website: The Big Texan

The local’s favorite: Hoffbrau Steakhouse

For a less-touristy steakhouse experience, Hoffbrau Steakhouse will get you just as much of an awesome Texas experience, without all the hoopla and crowded chaos of the big Amarillo steakhouses.

Hoffbrau is located in a really cool, barn style building on the west side of town. Inside, you’ll find plenty of rustic wood and Texas-signage galore. But most importantly, you’ll also find a lengthy list of signature steaks and center cut fillets, all sold for reasonable prices and served with just as much tender deliciousness as you’d ever expect from a quality steakhouse.

The most unique steakhouse: Green Chile Willy’s Grill

For something a little more unusual, head off the beaten path to Green Chile Willy’s Grill, located about 15 minutes south of town.

Green Chile Willy’s is a super-cool sit down restaurant with a classic Texas atmosphere. They’ve got a long list of great steaks (and even chicken fried steaks!) all available with unique toppings. Try the Jack K.C. Strip or regular K.C. Strip steak, both of which can be topped with hatch green chiles for unique Texas-Panhandle twist.

Most underrated steakhouse in Amarillo: Lone Star Bar & Grill

This tiny little steakhouse sits about 20 minutes south of town in an unassuming, shed like building. The only hint you’ll get that you’re about to experience some delicious steaks is a tiny little sign in the shape of a Texas flag.

But what this place lacks in flash it more than makes up for in the food. The menu is short and simple, with your steak options limited to either a Ribeye or Filet. But sometimes simplicity is best, because Lone Star prepares these two options perfectly by grilling them over charcoal and mesquite. The result is definitely one of the best steaks in town.

Best Japanese steakhouse: Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

If you’re craving your beef with a little more worldly fare, then you should head to Amarillo’s best Japanese steakhouse.

Tokyo Japanese steakhouse brings a meal and a show. That’s thanks to the hibachi style experience, where chefs cook your meal right at your table. For the steak lovers, you can grab yourself a hibachi steak, teriyaki steak, filet mignon, or tons of steak/fish combinations.

Chain steakhouse option 1: Saltgrass

I’m not exactly taking a risk by including Saltgrass on this list. This chain steakhouse has hundreds of locations around the country, but you can’t deny that if you’re looking for a reliable steakhouse experience, Saltgrass consistently delivers it.

  • Address: 8300 I-40 W, Amarillo, TX 79106
  • Website: Saltgrass

Chain steakhouse option 2: Texas Roadhouse

For another chain steakhouse, you can’t really go wrong with the Texas Roadhouse in Amarillo.

Roadhouse is famous for their steaks, Texas vibes, and most of all… the gazillion peanuts that line the floors. The Southern / Texas atmosphere has been pleasing visitors for decades, although it’s a little bit of a trick considering you can find Texas Roadhouse locations as far north as Minnesota and as far east as New York.

But in any case, like most chains, Roadhouse consistently churns out a reliable steakhouse dinner.

Best fast food steak? Texas Steak Express

I’m not sure if “fast food” and “steak” are two phrases that should ever go together, but that hasn’t stopped this interesting West Texas business from erecting Amarillo’s only fast food steakhouse.

Yes, this place literally allows you to order a Filet Mignon for less than $20, and then drive through to pick it up! What a time to be alive.

  • Address: 2600 S Kentucky St, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Website: Steak Express

Best steakhouse in Canyon, TX: Canyon Ranch

Located 25 minutes south of Amarillo sits the town of Canyon, TX, a place that has one of our favorite steakhouses near Amarillo.

Canyon Ranch has a vibe that mixes a steakhouse with a spots bar. You’ll find a lively atmosphere and plenty of beer choices. But more importantly for this article, you’ll also find a small but consistent selection of top notch steaks, including a sirloin, ribeye, filet, or strip, not to mention a rotating selection of awesome steak specials.

Prices are affordable. And as their menu says, “No fuss, no fuss – just perfectly grilled steak.”

  • Address: 410 15th St, Canyon, TX 79015
  • Website: Canyon Ranch