A Local’s Picks for the 6 Best Tamales in Corpus Christi 

best tamales corpus christi

If you’re visiting Corpus Christi, here’s one important thing to know about our food scene:

Corpus Christi is the home to some of the most delicious tamales in Texas.

Sure, we might not have the sheer variety of say, San Antonio’s best tamale places, but our little town by the sea definitely holds its own when it comes this tasty Mexican tradition.

Whether you want to visit a food truck or sit down for a nice meal, the following six Corpus Christi restaurants will definitely satisfy your tamale cravings!

Map of the Best Tamales in Corpus Christi

The Food Truck Tamales: Huerta’s Tamales

The Huerta’s food trucks may pop up all over town, but no matter where they are, they’re making every tamale from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. So, it’s no surprise that many Corpus Christians claim that Huerta’s is the best Mexican food in Nueces County. The menu is limited and sometimes changes based on seasonal events, but their traditional made-to-order tamales will always leave you full and satisfied.

Huerta’s also offers catering to larger parties and festivals, and they’re even known for hosting a variety of events like the Tacolympics. It’s these small things that Huerta’s Tamales does to bring the community together really take it above and beyond as a restaurant.

The downfall to Huerta’s is that it is only open from Thursday to Saturday. The limited hours mean that you’ll have to limit those Huerta cravings to the end of the week, which sure isn’t easy!

The Most Affordable Tamales: Granny’s Tamales

Are you looking for a high-quality tamale that does not cost an arm and a leg to buy? Granny’s Tamales sells the most affordable tamales in Corpus Christi. At less than ten dollars for a dozen tamales, anyone from college students to money moguls can eat here without breaking their budget.

Visit Granny’s Tamales in-store at their permanent location, which has plenty of outdoor seating available to enjoy the wonderful outdoor Corpus weather. Or catch them at one of their many traveling stops.

The Most Laid-Back: Taqueria Almeida

The tamales at Taqueria Almeida are perfect for a quick bite to eat. Their wonderful outdoor seating is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a sit-down meal, and while the view is nothing special, the welcoming atmosphere makes this a great place to let your troubles melt away as you enjoy some steamy tamales!

For those who do not want to sit down, the drive-thru makes grabbing tamales from Taqueria Almeida convenient. (A dozen tamales from Taqueria Almedia always makes for a quick and perfect family dinner!)

The Hidden Gem: Ruiz Tamales & Tortilla Factory

Ruiz Tamales & Tortilla Factory is the hidden gem of Corpus Christi. The family running Ruiz Tamales & Tortilla Factory takes extra time when prepping tamales because they value the work behind them. They even sell individual components like corn husks by the dozen, so you can wrap your tamales at home as a family. (Wrapping tamales is a piece of Mexican and Tejano tradition said to bond a family closely, and Ruiz Tamales is proud to help local families continue the tradition.)

Plus, the selections at Ruiz Tamales & Tortilla Factory are unbeatable. Our favorite are the pork tamales with chile. The mouth is watering just thinking about them!

  • Address: 422 14th St. Corpus Christi, TX 78401
  • Website: No website

Most Family Friendly: Marroquin Restaurant and Tortilla Factory

If you want fresh tortillas, Marroquin Restaurant and Tortilla Factory is the place to go! This delicious restaurant makes their tortillas fresh every day, so each tamale is savory and full of flavor. The Tortilla Factory offers fresh flour and corn tortillas, and they even sell them by the dozen if needed.

Marroquin Restaurant and Tortilla Factory is not your fancy, sit-down restaurant. Instead, the Marroquin menu is for basic, quick bites. This family-friendly restaurant is delicious and has a wonderful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Keep in mind that Marroquin Restaurant and Tortilla Factory is cash-only. So, before you go, be sure that you pull out some cash from the ATM.

Most Convenient Restaurant: Taqueria el Potro

Taqueria El Potro has absolutely delicious tamales! Tamales here can be purchased individually, by the dozen, or you can order them as a plate. (The plate’s rounded out with plenty of rice and beans.) This variety of options available makes Taqueria El Potro the most convenient restaurant for purchasing tamales in Corpus Christi.

Plus, the restaurant has a big, spacious layout so you’ve got plenty of socially distant space between guests, and it’s even large enough to make accommodations for large groups. If that’s not convenient enough, there’s always the drive-thru. Why wait if you’re in a rush?

Keep in mind that this spot serves tamales on a “first come, first serve” basis and is so popular they occasionally run out of tamales by the end of the day. Which isn’t surprising when the tamales are this good!

  • Address: 1401 Rodd Field Rd Corpus Christi, TX 78412
  • Website: El Porto