The 7 Best Thrift Stores around Fort Worth (Insider’s Guide)

best thrift stores fort worth
Goodwill in Burleson, TX

Favorite thrift stores are divulged over cocktails or after trust has been built, because who wants to give away all of their best finds?

Lucky for you, today I’m being generous with the information I’ve gathered after years of living in Fort Worth and thrifting.

These are my favorite thrifting spots: the 7 best thrift stores around Fort Worth.

Map of My Favorite Fort Worth Thrift Stores

Montgomery Antique Mall

Montgomery Street Antique Mall was the thrift store that I brought a friend to that was visiting Texas—she wanted to try on cowboy boots and find that unique Texas souvenir. This is where I found a floral train case that I converted into a camera bag!

You’re almost guaranteed to find something unique in Montgomery’s huge antique warehouse with 200+ dealer’s shops, spread over 60,000 square feet.

Centrally located in Fort Worth’s Cultural District, you can easily hop over to Fort Worth’s Botanic Gardens (one of the best parks in Fort Worth) after you score that quirky lamp or armadillo paper weight.

While antique malls are sometimes categorized/priced differently than thrift shops, certain dealers at Montgomery Antique mall will offer discounts at their shop, and the antique mall has holiday promotions as well.

If you’re looking for a place that captures that Texas, “go big or go home” atmosphere, Montgomery Antique Mall is just that.

McCart Thrift Center (Renamed Family Thrift Center)

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas, and having both grown up in DFW and traveled around the US, I’d say that’s true, especially when it comes to thrift stores.

If you’re specifically searching for clothes, McCart Thrift Center has a huge selection. While it’s been bought by a chain recently, it’s still got great pricing and a loyalty card that gives additional discounts. I don’t think I’ve ever gone thrift shopping here and not found something!

There are also small sections for houseware, furniture, and home decor but the main benefit of this thrift shop are the aisles and aisles of clothes.

Goodwill (Altamesa & Berry)

It’s hard to choose between the 27 North Central Texas Goodwill thrift stores, and which locations you visit will depend mostly on how much you’re able or willing to drive. However, there are a couple of centrally located Goodwill thrift stores that I would recommend.

Goodwill Altamesa is larger than some of the other locations, is well organized, and always has some great furniture pieces and aisles and aisles of dishware. You’ll find great children and adult clothing selection here as well. It’s also only 5 minutes away from McCart/Family Thrift Center!

Goodwill Berry is close to TCU, so they often receive a lot of last minute donations from students moving out. May and June are great times to thrift shop here and hopefully score like-new appliances or home decor. I’ve found some great wall art here as well as higher end small furniture pieces. It’s also close to our next thrift shop…

  • Address 1: 2100 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76134
  • Address 2: 3124 Townsend Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76110
  • Website: Goodwill North Central Texas

Berry Good Buys

Berry Good Buys is owned and operated by SafeHaven, with 100% of their proceeds providing safety to domestic violence survivors. If you’re looking for a locally owned thrift store with meaning, Berry Good Buys is the place to shop.

This is where I found a really beautiful wooden dresser, and a couple of smaller decor pieces. While the shop is small and moderately priced, you can tell that each item has been thoughtfully and artfully placed.

  • Address: 1701 W. Berry Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110
  • Website: Berry Good Buys

Texas Thrift

Texas Thrift is further down the list only because it’s a little farther away from central Fort Worth. Located north of FW in Hurst, this multi-story thrift shop is a favorite for hipster millennial baristas and gen z alike.

It’s huge, and it’s great for unique clothing finds. (I once found a beautiful lace vest here.) The downside is it can be more expensive than Goodwill or McCart Thrift, but you’ll generally find more designer clothes here.

Texas Thrift also has a club that gives early bird sale alerts, and a regularly updated and trendy IG that alerts you to sales as well! It’s worth the drive, IMO.

  • Address: 1105 W Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053
  • Website: Texas Thrift

Goodwill (Burleson)

Another thrift store worth the drive, this one’s south of Fort Worth in good ‘ole Burleson, TX. While this Goodwill location is a smaller store, it’s usually filled to the brim with great finds. I’d recommend Burleson for both everyday and vintage dishes, furniture, and possibly a book or vinyl find.

The upside to a more packed thrift store is that if you’re able to invest the time, you’ll likely find unique thrift shop pieces that others have missed.

Bonus: Half Price Books

As a bookworm, I would be remiss to not recommend Half Price Books. While there are locations across the US, you’ll find the most stores in Texas, and not just because Texas is massive. There are often multiple Half Price Books locations in each city, making it a book lover’s thrift store delight.

If you’re out and about and need a literary getaway, HPB Hulen and HPB Ridgmar are both centrally located and have great selection. I’ve also had good luck at Half Price Books Burleson and the massive Dallas Flagship location.

  • Address 1: 5417 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76132
  • Address 2: 475 Sherry Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76114
  • Address 3: 12616 South Fwy, Burleson, TX 76028
  • Address 4: 5803 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas TX 75231
  • Website: Half Price Books Locations