The 11 Best Tree Farms & Nurseries in San Antonio

best tree farms nurseries san antonio

Sometimes, you just need a tree.

Whether you’re looking for a new beauty for your front yard or you’re literally looking to chop down your perfect Christmas tree, San Antonio has tons of great local nueseries for your.

As a San Antonio local who just recently did more tree shopping than I ever expected, I thought I could branch out from our usual topics to highlight all The Alamo City’s best tree farms and nurseries.

Map of the Best Tree Farms & Nurseries

Best Tree Nurseries in San Antonio

Need to shade your home? These tree nurseries are some of the best spots in San Antonio to find high-quality trees that won’t wilt come August.

The Garden Center

The Garden Center boasts a wide range of trees and shrubs at its nursery. The Garden Center only sells trees that do well in the San Antonio climate, so you’ll actually enjoy some good shade from their trees. If you don’t feel like planting the tree yourself (and who does?), the Garden Center offers tree delivery and planting starting at $75.

Rainbow Gardens

Rainbow Gardens is my jam! I bought six trees from this nursery and every single one of them is doing well today. Rainbow Gardens sells smaller trees that are a little cheaper, but the best bang for your buck is their more mature trees, which sell for $150+. That might sound a little pricey, but Rainbow Gardens has a reputation for quality, so if you want a tree that lasts decades, this is the place to buy.

  • Address 1: 8516 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78250
  • Address 2: 2585 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Website: Rainbow Gardens

Shades of Green

Shades of Green is a picture-perfect tree nursery that specializes in organic gardening. Shades of Green only sells native and adaptive tree species, so you don’t have to worry about planting the wrong type of tree in the San Antonio climate.

P.S. Be sure to snap a few selfies here! Seriously, this place is one of the prettiest nurseries in our area.

Evergreen Garden Center

Located off the bustling Hildebrand area, Evergreen is a great stop for gardening decor, indoor plants, and (you guessed it!) trees. Evergreen rotates its inventory regularly, but you can expect to see a range of shade trees and fruit trees for sale.

Don’t feel like leaving your home? Evergreen has a modest online store where you can buy decor, stationary, and other gardening supplies. They have plans to ship plants online but haven’t set it up quite yet.

Fanick’s Garden Center

For decades, Fanick’s Garden Center has sold fruit, nut, and citrus trees in the San Antonio area. You can buy pecan, mulberry, lemon, and plenty of other trees at Fanick’s in 10 – 30 gallon sizes. Prices vary by tree species, maturity, and season, so you’ll want to swing by in person or give them a call to price everything out.

Oh, and they’re serious tree nerds. They even put together this guide on caring for fruit trees in San Antonio.

  • Address: 1025 Holmgreen Road, San Antonio, TX. 78220
  • Website: Fanick Nursery

Palm Buddha

I… love Palm Buddha. I did get lost the first time I visited (yes, truly lost) because the tree cover is so dense here. But if you’re in the market for native Texas trees as well as desert foliage, Palm Buddha is the place to be. They’re one of the best spots in San Antonio for tropical or desert plants.

Also, there’s a lovely little cat-themed cafe at Palm Buddha that I suggest you try. There’s nothing like sipping on a coffee while you explore this nursery’s bamboo thickets.

  • Address: 6075 Heath Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250
  • Website: Palm Buddha

Best Christmas Tree Farms Near San Antonio

Did you want a tree specifically for the holidays? These San Antonio-area Christmas tree farms are the perfect spots to pick up some yuletide cheer.

Holiday Hills Christmas Trees

Holiday Hills is like the Walmart of live Christmas trees. They have plenty of locations not just here in San Antonio, but throughout South Texas. Holiday Hills ships all of its trees from Oregon in climate-controlled transportation that ensures your tree is as fresh as possible. Keep in mind that they only sell fir trees: Fraser, Douglas, Grand, Nordman, and Noble.

  • Address 1: 10825 Culebra, San Antonio, TX
  • Address 2: 8743 St Hwy 151, San Antonio 78245
  • Address 3: 7040 N. Loop 1604 East, San Antonio, TX
  • Address 4: 19314 N US Hwy 281 at Redland Road, San Antonio, TX
  • Address 5: 13528 West Ave, San Antonio, TX
  • Address 6: 12336 IH-10W, San Antonio, TX
  • Address 7: 7962 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX
  • Website: Holiday Hills Christmas Trees


Murphy’s is the largest Christmas tree lot in the San Antonio area. With prices starting as low as $20, Murphy’s customizes its pricing based on the tree size and species. You can get anywhere from a small one-foot tabletop tree to a massive 40+ foot tree. Murphy’s is also great because it can deliver a tree to your doorstep if you’re too busy to go shopping for one or otherwise don’t feel like stringing one to your roof, Chevy Chase style. They also sell a variety of firs (Balsam, Noble, Fraser, Douglas), pine, and other evergreen trees.

Pipe Creek Christmas Trees

Don’t let their website fool you: Pipe Creek Christmas Trees is a solid option for picking and cutting your Christmas tree right here in the San Antonio area. Located 45 minutes from San Antonio, the small town of Pipe Creek is the perfect place to find a local Christmas tree that’s farm-fresh.

Now, because they grow locally, you’ll see species like Afghan pine and cypress growing on the farm. (If you want a Fraser fir, these can’t grow locally, so Pipe Creek has to special order them from North Carolina.)

Papa Noel Trees

Although they’re based in Austin, Papa Noel Trees has a location right here in San Antonio on the Broadway corridor. Their trees come from North Carolina and Oregon, but they take great pains to find trees that will do well here in Texas. Papa Noel only sells True Fir trees, which are known for their longevity and hardiness. Translation: Your tree won’t start wilting on December 1st.

If your car is too small to hold a huge, live tree, Papa Noel will also deliver!

Seiler’s Christmas Tree Farm

Want a super traditional Christmas tree shopping experience? Stop by Seiler’s Christmas Tree Farm to cut down your own tree for the holidays. You go to the farm, pick up a saw and a wagon, choose your tree, chop it down, and pay for it at the front.

Because it’s located here in Texas, Seiler’s only sells tree species that grow well locally. That means you can only buy a pine or a cypress tree as your holiday centerpiece. All trees are priced at $7/foot and all trees under 5 feet are $35 flat.