The 6 Best Flea Markets near San Antonio

best flea markets near san antonio

There’s nothing I love more than the bargains you find at flea markets. They might not be the most glamorous thing, but as a kid, I loved spending my allowance at flea markets, roadside stands, and trade days. Fast forward to today, and I still source clothes, household goods, decor, and even furniture at flea … Read more

The 5 Best Health Food Stores in San Antonio

best health food stores san antonio

Over the past few years, I’ve become something of a health nut. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate junk food now and then, but I increasingly find myself grocery shopping at the various health food stores around San Antonio. I’m an athlete, and I typically eat a plant-based diet, so frequent trips to Central Market, … Read more

A Guide to the Best Local, Independent, and Used Bookstores in San Antonio

best independent used bookstores san antonio

Confession: I’m a book nerd. For me, there’s nothing better than stumbling upon a great new book. Well, except for stumbling upon that book at one of San Antonio’s many fantastic bookstores! So the next time you’re in the market for a read, skip the Amazons of the world and shop at any of these … Read more

What is the closest beach to San Antonio? (All the best nearby beaches)

beaches near san antonio

San Antonio is known for so many things. From theme parks to Fiesta to knock-your-socks-off-good Tex-Mex, San Antonio is the place to be. But there’s one big attraction that we’re missing out on, and that’s the beach. It gets hot enough here (110+ degrees in the summer) that it makes you want to take a … Read more