Why is Texas the best state? 17 obvious reasons.

why texas is the best state

Texas is the best state. Yeah, that may be an unpopular opinion for our West Coast readers, but we’re not looking for popularity here. We’re just telling it like it is: Texas has a warm climate and natural beauty, excellent food and music, and a rich history that includes everything from cowboys to oil tycoons. … Read more

A Guide to Sunflower Fields in Texas

best sunflower fields in texas

Here’s another reason why I think Texas is the best state: Sunflower fields. These golden-yellow beauties thrive in dry Texas soil, which means you can find stunning sunflower fields all the way from Austin to Amarillo. Today, I’ve put together a list of the best sunflower fields in Texas that you can actually visit. These … Read more

12 Celebrities Who Live In Texas

celebrities that live in Texas

Texans are awesome. And by awesome, I mean really awesome. We’re so awesome that even celebrities want to be Texans! Check out these 12 celebrities who live in Texas: 1. Matthew McConaughey Yup, it should come as no surprise that one of Hollywood’s proudest Texans still lives in the Lone Star State. When he’s not … Read more

The 14 Best Beach Towns in Texas

best beach towns in texas

Need some beach time? Well put on your trunks and kick off those sandals. These beach towns in Texas are perfect destinations! From Galveston to Boca Chica, each town on this list has something different to offer. Whether it’s miles of beautiful beaches or endless entertainment, these coastal communities are sure to impress. So what … Read more