8 Fun Tracks for Racing Go Karts in San Antonio

go karts san antonio

Looking for the best go karts in San Antonio?

You’re in luck!

As the saying goes, I’ve got a neeeed for speeeed. Which means my idea of a good time happens to be zooming laps around tracks in in quick little go karts.

Luckily, San Antonio has several options that scratch this itch. Whether you’re looking for casual addition to some local mini golf or heart-pumping professional kart racing that will test your skills as a future F1 racer, you can find it here!

Read on for the 8 best places for racing go karts near San Antonio.

Map of Go Karts near San Antonio

Indoor Go Karting

Listen, I love San Antonio’s sunshine as much as the next person. But from June – October, the San Antonio sun is absolutely brutal. If you don’t want to burn your butt on the scorching black seat of a go kart (and I mean that literally), stick with these indoor go karting options instead.

Andretti’s (San Antonio)

I was lucky enough to go to Andretti’s for one of my husband’s company parties. Boy, is this place nice! Compared to some of the other karting complexes in the area, Andretti’s is by far one of the cleanest and well-kept. Andretti’s has lockers so you can put all of your stuff out of harm’s way before you hop onto the track. Their two-story track has a few tight turns, so it’s definitely a fun yet challenging course. However, if you come on a busy Saturday, it’s not unusual to wait 20 – 30 minutes for your turn, so try to come during off-peak hours.

Andretti’s has some of the best go karts for adults because of their ergonomic design. The main course can be a little much for younger kids, but don’t worry: Andretti’s also has Mini Mario karts and a junior track.

A single seven-minute race will set you back $25, which is par for the course with most of the nicer go karting complexes in San Antonio. But if you have a family of four and the kids want to go around the track a few times, it adds up fast. And since Andretti’s also has an arcade and duckpin bowling, you’ll likely want to do everything else at the complex, too. If you do karting here, come with a budget!

San Antonio Incredible Pizza Go Karts (San Antonio)

Okay, their name is “Incredible Pizza,” but the real star of the show here is their go karts, which they call Glow-Karts. This neat indoor go karting complex is glow-in-the-dark, so if you want a little extra dose of “cool” to your carting, check out Incredible Pizza. Their NASCAR Pro race is perfect for adults who want more of a heart-pounding and challenging course with high speeds. Little kids can drive in Incredible Pizza’s NASCAR Junior race as long as they’re 50 inches tall. While you might have to worry about slamming into the rails at other karting complexes, Incredible Pizza puts guard rails at the bottom of every car to keep you on track.

P.S. They have tons of other attractions here, too, so if you want a casual go karting experience with an arcade, pizza, and kids’ games, Incredible Pizza is a good family-friendly option.

K1 Speed (San Antonio)

K1 is, by far, my husband’s favorite place to drive go karts. They have some of the best go karts in town and the facility is very well-kept. They don’t have a two-story track like Andretti’s, but K1 is still a ton of fun (and air conditioned, no less). Plus, they have a complete menu with pizza, burgers, and beer, so you could easily spend an entire Saturday here.

I definitely recommend buying the packages when you race at K1. Since it’s around $25 per race, the 3-race pack for $55 is a total steal.

Oh, and if you want glow in the dark go karting, K1 also offers Glo Karting. It’s a cool way to enjoy go karting in an interstellar setting from 8 pm – 10 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.

  • Address: 6955 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238
  • Website: K1 Speed

Outdoor Go Karting

Sometimes the weather is perfect in San Antonio, and when that happens, there’s nothing like the rush of cool Texas air on your face as you drive a go kart at top speeds. These are some of my favorite outdoor karting complexes in the San Antonio area.

Hill Country Kart Club Raceway (New Braunfels)

This raceway is half a mile long and features up to 6 different layouts. It’s definitely a destination for serious racers—it’s even hosted several national go karting championships! I would only recommend this raceway for karting fanatics who want a more pro-style course. You might even consider joining the club to access cheaper race times.

Not great at go karting but want to learn? No worries. Hill Country Kart Club also offers racing classes for kids, teens, adults, and even senior citizens.

San Antonio Karting Complex (Marion)

While you’re free to bring your own go kart to this track, the San Antonio Karting Complex has over 20 go karts you can rent to cure your need for speed. Keep in mind that the minimum age for this track is 16, so keep the kiddos at home. One race at the San Antonio Karting Complex will set you back $25, which is the average going rate in our area. However, if you buy a $100 pit pass, you get $15 races for an entire year. So, if you’re a total go kart junkie, an annual pass might be the cheaper option.

Green Acres Golf & Games (San Antonio)

Green Acres is known best for its golfing, but did you know that it also has a decent carting complex? At $7.50 per race, it’s a steal compared to other go karting complexes in our area. The concrete outdoor course is just challenging enough for amateur go karters who want to have a good time with the family.

P.S. They also have bumper boats, batting cages, and an arcade, so there’s truly something for everybody at Green Acres.

  • Address: 9782 US Hwy 87 E, San Antonio, TX 78263
  • Website: Green Acres

Six Flags Speedway Go Karts (San Antonio)

Yup, that’s right. Six Flags Fiesta Texas has go karts in the Boardwalk area. Their speedway is very classic and not particularly challenging, which makes for a fun and casual go karting experience. Keep in mind that go karting isn’t included in your Six Flags ticket and you’ll need to pay separately for it.

COTA Carting (Del Valle)

COTA Carting is actually outside of Austin, but it’s still worth the 45-minute drive from San Antonio. COTA is located next to the only Formula 1 track in the US, so if you’re an aspiring racer, you can’t get much closer to the action. COTA’s outdoor go karting complex features 15 sharp turns and allows you to drive up to 55 MPH. If you’re super-serious about carting, check out COTA’s summer racing league, which gives you a Grand Prix-style experience over the course of 5 weeks. Like I said, it’s the closest thing you can get to Formula 1, so COTA is the place to go for speed junkies.

  • Address: 9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Del Valle, TX 78617
  • WebsiteCOTA Carting