Where To Go Rock Climbing in San Antonio

best rock climbing in San Antonio

Here’s a totally underrated exercise routing: rock climbing.

It’s fun, friendly, and burns a ton of calories.

Thankfully, San Antonio has several different spots where you can go rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors.

Today, I’m highlighting all the best places to go rock climbing around San Antonio.

Map of San Antonio Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing near San Antonio

Want to hone your rock climbing skills? These spots are some of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in the San Antonio area.

The District

Located in the Broadway corridor, The District Bouldering gym is a one-stop-shop for athletes who need the thrill of heights to test their limits. This gym is different because it’s designed to test you both physically and mentally. The District calls its climbs “Boulder Problems,” which are like jigsaw puzzles for your body and mind.

Some of The District’s climbs are for more advanced rock climbers, but you can try their beginner-friendly climbs if you’re a newbie. (They also host an Intro To Climbing course if you want to learn the ropes.) The District even has the Livingstone facility, which is a weight room, training area, and acro yoga studio attached to the building.

And the prices are pretty reasonable, too. For $60/mo (plus a $20 enrollment fee), you get 24/7 access to the gym, perfect for exercising at odd hours. You’ll have access to the climbing wall, gymnastics area, and everything that the Livingstone Gym has to offer, too. If that’s too much commitment, you can always drop in with an $18 day pass that includes access and a shoe rental.

Armadillo Boulders

Armadillo Boulders is another fantastic indoor rock climbing gym here in San Antonio. It has 100+ Boulder Problems and changes 25 of them every week, so you’re always challenging yourself with new routes. Armadillo also has a yoga studio, fitness room, and equipment like weights and dumbbells.

They offer a handful of different climbing courses like Intro to Climbing, Intro to Dynamic Climbing, and Essentials to Route Reading. If you’re a total newbie and a class sounds intimidating, Armadillo also offers private one-on-one instruction.

The cool thing about Armadillo Boulders is that it also has a youth team. If your kiddos are interested in learning how to climb, bring them along for the fun!

Armadillo Boulders offers a $17 day pass, but if you want to be a member, it’s a $25 Initiation Fee plus a $72 monthly membership fee. The membership gives you access to members-only hours, special events, and one Bring A Friend Day each month. Oh, and the gym also features luxuries like coffee, wifi, and kombucha on tap, so it’s definitely a great place to socialize with fellow climbers.

Ground Control Trampoline Park

I took my nieces to this trampoline park a few months ago and they loved it! Ground Control does offer indoor rock climbing, but it’s definitely better suited for kids and beginners. Your ticket grants you access to everything in the park, including the rock climbing obstacles, so that’s nice. They have 4 different obstacles located on one wall for different climbing skills, like ropes or a rock wall. You’re also harnessed in the entire time while an attendant watches, so it feels super safe.

P.S. You’re required to wear Ground Control’s socks while you climb, which can be hard on your toes, so tread lightly!

Urban Air

Urban Air’s indoor rock climbing is very similar to Ground Control’s. It’s better suited for younger kids, but it’s just challenging enough that any beginner will enjoy themselves. The upside of Urban Air is that it has more attractions than Ground Control, so if you’re taking the kids for an afternoon of fun that includes rock climbing, there’s more to do at Urban Air. But make sure you buy the right package! You’ll need the $25/person Ultimate Attractions package to access the climbing walls.

  • Address: 618 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Website: Urban AirĀ 

Boerne Gymnastics Center

Boerne is about 30 minutes away from San Antonio, but its gymnastics center has a great climbing wall. The Boulder Problems don’t shift like they do at other gyms, but if you’re located outside of the city limits, this is a great option. Keep in mind that Boerne Gymnastics Center is more of a no-frills rock climbing wall. You’ll pay $12 if you rent their equipment and if you want them to belay for you (it’s $8 if you do it all yourself). You’ll also need to make an appointment to use the rock climbing wall, so always call ahead to reserve your spot.

Outdoor rock climbing near San Antonio

The weather in San Antonio can get a little iffy, but on a gorgeous spring day, there’s nothing like the great outdoors. There are two really good climbing spots for more advanced climbers in the San Antonio area.

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is in Fredericksburg, TX, which is an hour and a half north of San Antonio. Enchanted Rock is a gigantic granite dome that’s popular with tourists and hikers, but it’s also a great destination for rock climbing. But because this is a State Natural Area, there are quite a few rules for climbing at Enchanted Rock. The state provides anchors in the rock itself and requires you to either walk or rappel down in designated areas. Outdoor climbing is not something to be taken lightly, so this is definitely better suited for advanced climbers who not only have their own gear, but who are super confident in their abilities.

Medicine Wall

If you don’t want to make the 1.5-hour drive to Enchanted Rock, Medicine Wall is a little-known climbing destination right here in San Antonio. It’s part of the Salado Creek Greenway trail, a massive network of trails that winds through the city. There’s no parking at Medicine Wall, so you’ll need to park at a Greenway trailhead and walk, jog, or bike to Medicine Wall. You’ll need to supply your own gear, obviously, and need to be a strong enough climber to handle the natural terrain.